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Our Journey

At Hoops & Scoops, we are driven by a simple yet powerful idea – 'Sharing the Joy.'

Founded by close friends Dona and Marion, our journey commenced in 2016.

Sharing the joy of life: the joy of family, friends, activity and community.

Our Story

Our love of Donuts began back in the 1980s when our donuts were shared amongst family and friends and also became a successful fundraising tool. Throughout the years it remained popular and in 2016, Hoops & Scoops was born. As we progressed, the dream expanded, taking the form of a delightful food truck that took our delectable donuts and Real Fruit ice creams to the wider community. Among the crowd favorites were our classic Vanilla glazed and Cinnamon sugar donuts.

What we do

As the business grew, so did our need for space. In December 2017, we transitioned from our home in Pirongia to establish the first Hoops & Scoops shop in Kihikihi offering our new signature in-store crafted ice creams and sorbets, also launching the Hoops & Scoops Gluten-Free Donut Range.

In November 2019, we moved to a 'new-old' shop in Te Awamutu to comfortably accommodate our bustling shop activities, continuing to value our community connections.

Where it kicked off

Our first store opened in Kihikihi in 2017 allowing us the space to expand our Donut range and to finally produce our own Ice Creams and Sorbets.. something we continue to do today in our Te Awamutu Store.

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